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Recovery Lab


Reboot Muscles and circulation

Pneumatic compression boots and sleeves use pressure gradients to move fluid from your arms and legs back towards your heart. Clinically proven to enhance your performance by accelerating muscle recovery and fluid movement related to exercise. Effective to REBOOT your circulation from hours sitting at a desk or traveling. All 32 NFL teams and the US Olympic team have adopted pneumatic compression in their athlete recovery protocols.



Restore joint mobility

The better your move your joints between workouts, the better your joints move during workouts.” Utilize a variety of self-care tools and restorative movements to prepare joint mobility for your next workout. Release tension and relieve pain from poor movement compensations and chronic sitting activity. Browse and learn from our exercise library to sharpen your recovery skills and discover new techniques!



Cellular Health

Red Light and Near Infrared Therapy - Electromagnetic wavelengths are known to activate metabolic pathways, leading to increased energy (ATP) production, enhanced cellular signaling, and elevated protein synthesis. Benefits include improvements in muscle recovery, skin quality (wrinkles, scars), wound healing, joint pain, mental clarity, sleep, and more.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy - Low-level electromagnetic field production known to influence the function of cellular ion channels, membrane potentials, and electrolyte movement. Benefits include improvements in bone healing and density, muscle function, circulation, inflammation, pain perception, skin ulcers, and more.